How we name the structures…

The first thing you have to know is how we name the different structures. There are always two numbers, the first is the number of people there is on a floor while the second number is the number of floors the castle have.
For example, a 3of8 is a three people per floor castle with 8 total floors.

In bigger castles…

We have to reinforce the structure in the highest and most difficult structures. So we put more people on the fundamentals of the castle. The crow on the zero floor is the “pinya” or pineapple. We call “folre” the lining we put on the first floor and “manilles” or handcuffs the lining of the second floor.


The children

The children build three floors on the top of a castle. There are the two oldest ones that close the structure. They are called seconds (because they are two). There is the child who sit between the seconds and the one who climb up all them and rise one hand to indicate that the castle is loaded.


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