Catalan Human Chain

We are a human castles magazine and we are from Catalonia. We want to share with you what has happened the last September 11 of this year 2013.IMG_20130911_221628

The photo shows the castles made in a little part of a large human chain made by more than one and a half million people. More than 400 Km where filled by people who want the freedom for Catalonia. They want to speak their tongue and to be proud of their culture and traditions. They want to be able of sharing all they believe with freedom. They fight to be a country to stop the big amount of iniquities the government of Spain allows every day.

The human castles is one of this old Catalan traditions, because of that, a big number of human castles teams where present on the human chain showing to the world who are the Catalans and what we want.

You can have more information about the Catalan human chain at the following link.

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