Our first month

Hi everybody,

We have to announce you that we have passed our first month since we started this project. In order you to understand what we are doing we will explain a little what we have been doing during this month.

All begin when you start participating in human castles. In our case, we make human castles since the last year. When you first time participate in a “pinya”, the people lining which covers the main structure, you feel a little stressed, even more if you have someone on top of you. Every one starts climbing and you are suffering in the bottom of the castle, maybe you even feel pain. The castle takes maybe three minutes or less, but if the load you have to charge is heavy it seems like a lot of time.

The strange thing happens when the castle ends. You couldn’t get off the castle at any time so you have had to suffer the castle near more people. The amazing thing is that for some reason when you finish the job you feel really good. Maybe because you have accomplished your goal, maybe because you have never felt something like that… The thing is that when you experience this you want more and more and you become a member of some “colla” or team.

This was what happened at the beginning. We became a human castles constructors or “castellers” as we say in Catalonia. The next step was thinking why this amazing sport that you are loving is not known by many people in the world. So our commitment was to create some website where people from around the world could learn about human castles, and show to their friends what this “crazy” people from Catalonia are doing, as a friend of ours from mexico say.

So here we are. During this month we have contacted some journalists, photographers, bloggers, etc. asking them to collaborate with us. Some of them have a close relationship with human castles, some of them have never seen that. Nevertheless, we are happy to say that a lot of people is helping us. For this reason we want to thank you all for your support.

Thank you so much, we’ll keep working to bring human castles over world.


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