What are Human Castles?

Human castles born in Catalonia a country into another country, Spain. The history says that it was born from the “moixiganga”, a typical dance where people climb on top of other people to make a little pillar of two or three people. Somewhere in Catalonia they decided to put another floor and other teams after seen that wanted to climb more and more.

But don’t worry normally nobody gets injured. The safety is improving each day and new technologies are being investigated. The children have to wear a helmet, and to save the back of the professionals they use a girdle.Human Castles is this, people who climb up to others to make the tallest castles as possible. The tallest one is currently the 3 of 10, a ten floors construction with three people per floor. But only two teams have been able to download it and only one more to load it. It means two things: this is a difficult castle and the human castles fall down.

Every two years there is a big competition in Tarragon, where only the best teams are able to go. A part of this event there are other important performances as Saint Felix day in Vilafranca where the 4 best teams are invited to compete to make the best performance, there is always a tough race to win.

Through this website you will be able to follow performances and watch some photos from professionals. You will learn more about human castles, as well, if you are interested on.

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