The Best Performance Ever

The past August 30th something happened in Vilafranca, a town fifty kilometers far from Barcelona. The highest human castle ever downloaded was again downloaded, this time by the best team of the moment, Castellers of Vilafranca. They downloaded the 3 of 10, a ten floor structure made by people with three linings to keep it fixed. At the same time they downloaded three more castles with almost the same difficulty: the 4 of 9 lined with pillar, the 4 of 9, and the 8 floors pillar with two lining floors. It was the best performance ever.

It happened in Saint Felix day, one of the most important date for the human castles followers. In the performance where present three more teams, the Minyons of Terrassa and the two from Valls. They did a well done performance downloading castles as the 5 of 9 or the tower of nine with two lining, but the greens (as people calls Castellers of Vilafranca) hid their performances.

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