Santa Tecla’s Day


We could see, yesterday, one of the best performances of the year. The four teams invited to Tarragon made a great job downloading all the constructions. Furthermore, we saw some extra range castles as two nine of eights made by @jovedetarragona and @verds, or the tower of nine made by @collavella. We can highlight the five of nine made as well by @jovedetarragona, a difficult castle that they first downloaded this year in “el Catllar”. The biggest castle, however, was made by @verds who downloaded a four of nine without linings which is a very tough castle which even the best teams cannot download. @xiquetstgn was present to the event downloading basic nine castles and a five of eight.
At the end of the performance @collavella and @verds downloaded the eight floors pillar with two linings. The most difficult pillar ever downloaded by humans.

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