Xiquets de Reus make their best performance ever

We saw yesterday one of the bests performances of this season. All the castles were downloaded and only one pillar falled down after being loaded.

We must highlight the “Castellers de Vilafranca” performance, who did the greatest castles including a 9 floors three-structure with a pillar inside. The “Vella de Valls” made a great actuation too, ending with a 8 floors pillar as the greens done. “Capgrossos de Mataro” and “colla jove” from Tarragona done 9 floors castles.

We have to congratulate the “xiquets de Reus” because they could achieve their best actuation ever since the team was founded in 1981. Also they downloaded a 3d9f, 16 years later from their last one.

For the ones who want to understand how the names of the structures works and more, we will publicize an article explaining the basics soon.

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